Jan 31, 2010

FAQ to Renne: Do superheroes wear tights?

Question: Do all supeheroes have to wear tights?

Answer: No, they don't. But, clearly I do. I love tights! Always have, always will! This is a photo of some of my tights on the bed after doing laundry.

A side question I always get, "Where's your cape?" No capes! I think Edna from The Incredibles made this very clear why you would not want to wear one. As a superhero you have to think style and safety!


SWiggins said...

Capes are dangerous you know. Edna would approve of you not having one.

Justin Draplin said...

Sigh. I am a big believer in capes... Especially for kids. There's nothing quite like seeing the happy face of kid putting on a superhero cape. You don't get the same effect without one. For disclosure sake I am biased, we sell superhero capes for kids at www.kids-capes.com

Happy Flying!