Jan 20, 2010

FAQ Answered by Renne

I thought it would be fun to use my blog as a space to answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that I get. As someone who enjoys asking questions to learn more, I hope that you enjoy this experiment in my blog.

Question: Why to do you have a Japanese middle name?

Answer: I was born in Tachikawa Japan, which is part of Tokyo, because my father was in the US Air Force and stationed there. My folks always wanted to remind me of where I came from. My middle name Emiko has several meanings, but the one I identify with the most is Smiling (Emi) Child (ko). I have always used my cheesewhiz grin as my logo to brand myself because the meaning of my middle name.

A couple weeks ago, I bought myself a keychain that had a little doll with my name, Emi. She is very sweet! www.kimmidoll.com

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